Customers of TD Bank are offered a wide array of banking and borrowing solutions, investment products, treasury management, and more.  From LOCs, mortgages, and credit cards to certificates of deposit, IRAs, and money market accounts, there are standard and custom products for customers with different requirements and credit profiles.

Toronto-Dominion offers consumer cards with airmiles and rewards, cash rebates, and free additional cards. There are specialty cards that earn points on everyday purchases, Air Canada purchases, gas, and vacation packages.

Bank clients are offered rewards in different categories, including personal care, fitness, and accessories. TD offers plenty of rewards, from gift cards to kitchen appliances such as presses, stick mixers, popcorn makers, and food choppers. Participating retailers feature electronics such as TVs, readers and tablets, computers and computer accessories, cam recorders and cameras, and other products. Customers use their points toward brand name luggage and bags, backpacks, and travel accessories. Clients are offered a selection of small appliances, including travel hairdryers, vacuum cleaners, allergen eliminators, and others. There are also products for families with children, including learning resources and travel sets. In addition to flexible redemption options, customers benefit from annual fee waivers, no annual fees, and low APR based on credit rating. TD cards also feature premium TD Aeroplan Visa benefits such as access to signature events, complimentary wine tastings, and free nights at top destinations such as Las Vegas, New York, and Hollywood. Customers are offered convenient travel arrangements, including private jets and car rentals. Customers enjoy plenty of added benefits such as access to special and dining events, getaways, and culinary programs. Airmiles cards feature added perks such as expert insights and travel advice, discounts on business class airfare, and others. The choice of card depends on preferred features and credit limit, lifestyle, and credit profile.

Those who are new to Canada or have less-than-perfect credit are offered secured cards. TD Bank also features U.S. dollar cards with low annual fees, discounts on car rentals, purchases in U.S. dollars, and comprehensive coverage.

Businesses are offered specialty cards that offer the option to request employee cards. Business cards feature benefits such as no redemption fees, competitive rates, attractive rewards, and cash statement credit. Business customers are offered premium rewards such as car rentals, accommodation, and airfare. Points can be redeemed for flights and range from 25,000 to 250,000.

Personal and Business Products

TD Bank also offers international services, government banking, lines of credit, and other banking solutions designed for commercial and institutional clients.

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Choosing the Right Card

by John_S on November 6, 2014

With a selection of business and personal banking tools, Capital One offers business, investment, and borrowing solutions. Banks offer consumer cards and balance transfer options to clients who wish to consolidate their balances.

The choice of product depends on different factors, including loyalty and rewards programs offered, credit rating, online banking and other tools, grace periods, and others. Applicants with stellar credit are offered premium cashback, travel, and low interest cards. Business cards offer discounts on entertainment and dining, business services, office supplies and staples, and more. Brand-name merchants and hotels offer discounts on qualifying purchases. With secured Capital one credit card customers make refundable deposits and benefit from low annual fees. The deposit actually serves as collateral because borrowers with poor credit often have a history of delinquent accounts and foreclosures, which makes them high risk borrowers. Borrowers with fair or tarnished credit benefit from a secured card if they use it responsibly. Borrowers who exceed the limit see their credit score plummet.

Options for Customers

Capital One offers a selection of credit card products, from rewards and student rewards to competitive rate and business cards. Customers choose from standard and popular cards with competitive rates and earn rewards toward tickets, merchandise, and even vehicle purchases. Points and miles are redeemable for music, games, electronics, and other items. The bank offers different specialty cards, including secured, competitive rate, and student cards. There are student cards with variable APR and long grace periods. Customers are also offered the PlayStation card that features points toward music and PlayStation games. Specialty cards feature travel perks such as discounts at resorts, preferred seating, and others. Cardholders are offered Visa perks such as upgrades at cruise lines and hotels and shopping discounts. Consumer credit cards are designed for small, daily purchases and bills, including discretionary, flexible, occasional, and regular expenses. Most credit cards help cover household expenses such as school lunches, meals out, property rent, child care, and others. Mortgage and consumer loans are offered to customers who plan to purchase equipment, tools of trade, land, etc. The bank features loans and refinancing options, including adjustable and fixed rate loans.

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Scotiabank Discounts and Rewards

by John_S on October 21, 2014

Customers of Scotiabank enjoy a selection of products such as ESPs, RSPs, savings accounts, credit cards, and mortgage loans. Cards come in different versions, including Scotiabank student credit card , low interest, cashback, and others.

Beneficial Features

Scotiabank features cards by American Express and Visa and offers perks such as travel benefits, special promotions, extended interest-free periods, and many others. Points are redeemable for merchandise such as disc players, briefcases, home entertainment systems, bangles and necklaces, LED smart TVs, and other merchandise.

There are different rewards categories to choose from, including investment and credits, gift certificates, and others. Scotiabank offers a rewards program that features cash back, travel benefits, and rewards points redeemable for digital cameras, watches, binoculars, tablets, and other electronics. An activity and sleep tracker, for instance, requires 16,700 rewards points. Recreational items such as medicine balls require around 11,000 points. The bank also offers a newsletter that features special offers and rewards. Scotiabank offers different premium cards with discounts on vacation and cruise packages. Participating hotels and chains offer complimentary suite upgrades, free nights, and other privileges. Business customers provide information such as

  • average account balances,
  • depreciation expenses, and
  • annual net profits.

Customers who fail to meet the monthly payments are assessed penalty interest. Clients enjoy VIP access to music festivals, major events, and private style consultants. Customers are also offered lounge access with conference space and complimentary refreshments and snacks.

The bank also offers the option to register, choose from hundreds of rewards options, and check your points balance. Additional cards with no annual fees can be requested for the ScotiaHockey Visa, SCENE Visa, and other cards . There is an option to transfer existing retail and gas card balances. Some cards go with an introductory rate that is as low as 0.99 percent.

The Bank of Nova Scotia features premium business cards that earn cash back on insurance, internet, and other payments. Business cards feature added benefits such as flexible repayment schedules, personalized checks, and attractive discounts at participating merchants. Retailers offer discounts of 3 to 25 percent, and it is free to enroll. Secured credit cards are also offered, for example, ScotiaGold Passport which goes with credit and investment vouchers, gift certificates, brand-name merchandise, and unrestricted and flexible travel options. One of the main benefits is the option to consolidate payments.

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Cardholders pay different fees, including account history fees, additional card issuance fees, and others. The fees for retail transactions vary by issuer. Many issuers charge no bill payment fees, card to card transaction, signature, and PIN transaction fees. Some cards go with high transaction, monthly, and activation fees, one-time purchase, and cash withdrawal fees and should be avoided.

Options Available

Clients are offered standard and student prepaid cards, and the latter are designed to control spending. Customers can choose from two varieties, disposable and reloadable, and the latter can be topped up multiple times. Customers choose from various store-value cards to keep expenses under control. In general, a prepaid card is a regulated, safe, and flexible alternative to cash and debit and credit cards. Prepaid cards can be used for foreign visits, travel abroad, entertainment, shopping, hobbies, and other expenses, and clients don’t pay interest.

Financial institutions advertise different cards that offer instant access to cash and can be used at station pumps, drugstores, and convenience stores. These cards can be used at restaurants, clothing stores, supermarkets, and online. General purpose cards are usually reloadable and can be used to withdraw cash, make purchases, and pay travel and other expenses. They are offered by American Express, MasterCard, Discover, and Visa and can be used to book a hotel room or pay for car rentals. Many cards offer cash incentives, savings accounts with an attractive APY, and other features. Issuers also offer rewards points that go toward fuel savings. There are different options to look into, for instance, cards for customers and employees. Some cards are disposable and work like gift vouchers while others earn rewards. Users can exchange their points for merchandise, including fashion and clothing, electronics, games, and other items. There are different categories to choose from, including special offers, personal care, home décor, and others. Prepaid cards are great for dining and shopping, paying phone and other bills, and gas. Some cards also feature mobile apps to pay rent and utilities and transfer funds.

Customers use prepaid cards as an alternative to a debit card linked to a bank account. Issuers require information such as tax ID or SIN, personal information, and more . Applicants specify whether their benefits provider or company offers direct deposit. There are prepaid cards for online shopping, better sense of control, and financial flexibility.

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