Silver Mining – Infrastructure Costs

by John_S on January 25, 2015

Another important issue is whether the property or project they develop has any potential. Of course, you are likely to get estimates and there is no guarantee that the actual quantities of silver will match these. It is possible that the management, financial controllers, and geologists promise more as to attract investors. While potential is one thing, especially on paper, exploration is not always feasible. For example, the infrastructure costs may be too high or the region may be hard to access, even though the drill results are decent. Senior mining companies are different in that. Senior miners are more experienced, larger mining companies that own and run existing mines. With mining sites already generating profits, investors find it easier to evaluate the company’s profitability. silver-service

This comes with fewer surprises and a degree of consistency when it comes to stock prices. Junior mining companies, on the other hand, have to identify different mining sites and explore their potential. There is always a risk that exploration will not result in actual discovery. This may be a costly initiative for junior mining sites and their investors. Many junior miners sell their sites to established mining companies to ensure better returns after they begin exploitation. However, if the miner does not have funds to even start exploitation, this signals financial losses to follow.

If investing in senior and junior silver miners, you should know what these types of miners have to offer in terms of value and risk. In the area of senior mining, investors can look at income statements and balance sheets and make a fairly good judgment about the company’s value. The situation is different with junior miners where buying silver stock requires looking at charts, the company’s properties, getting to know the management body, and so on. In many of these cases, there is no way of knowing whether a junior miner will make a discovery or not. Some investors just rely on their intuition, but experts recommend gathering as much information as possible. For example, it is good to know that the management body has performed well in exploration or the small mining field.  Another indicator of a sound company is if its management had run or discovered a profitable mining site in the past. Naturally, investors also want to look at the cash balance and cash flow of junior mining companies. Although some companies may have developed good projects, high burn rate means that they will have to close operations in a couple of months. Unless they find additional financing, this is a likely scenario. The management should be able to respond on the question of how long they can continue operations if things do not go according to plan.

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Spend Wisely to Get out of Debt

by John_S on December 22, 2014

If you are in debt you can try to get your way out of it just the way you got into it-gradually! You just need to show some patience and perseverance and think about following these tips here.

•    Don’t be in denial and admit you have a debt in hands and set aside sometime each day to deal with your piggy bank.
•    You might need to dwell on large budget cut backs if you feel haunted by a big debt ahead. You can sell your new car and can even opt for a small apartment on a lower rent.
•     You can do overtime or ask your housewife to opt for selling homemade items like dresses, business lunches, paintings, decorations etc.; freelancing is an apt job for females with a talent opening doors for a new source of income.
•    For the first 30 days keep your credit cards aside and don’t buy unnecessary stuff. The essential items like bills, groceries, gas, fees need to be paid on priority basis. The semi-luxury items, gadgets, and mobile devices can be halted in this period as they increase expenditure cause of recharging, balance fill or monthly purchase.
•    Start making small cut backs, like buying non branded items at grocery, packing lunch for work, wearing sweaters instead of using heaters etc.
•    Next, you can make an emergency fund with these small savings and set your target to an accumulation of at least $1000.
•    The bill payment needs to be monitored either by paying them as soon as they come. This can be done by paying online or setting up a reminder in your calendar or mobile to caution you about the due
•    Start paying debts in small amount even if you have $100 in your emergency finance. Discretionary spending needs to be watched till all small debts are paid off. Wait for a couple of months till you get a large sum in your emergency deposit to pay off big debts.
•    It’s time to list up the items with the first column having debts like bills, electronic rentals, auto loans etc. The amount in debt for these items goes in second column. Your minimum payment per month and interest comes in third and fourth column respectively. This shows how much minimum you have to pay towards debt every month.
•    It’s time to make a spending plan; first record all your monthly bills (house rental fee, utilities, insurance etc), and then the variable expenses of groceries, gas, meals etc. The monthly debt payments and the deposit in emergency fund need to be included as well.
•    List out your income sources and monthly amounts and divide it starting from emergency funds, debt payments, and then monthly bills. In the end, you can deal with your variable expenses by putting cash in separately tagged and designated envelopes.

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Cards for Business Clients

by John_S on December 4, 2014

The Bank of Montreal features a selection of financial and tailored services, including small business investing, payroll services, credit cards, and loans. Credit cards are of several types, standard, affinity, and rewards cards with points toward charitable donations, theatre and events tickets, products, and more.

Loyalty Programs

BMO offers a selection of rewards credit cards with added benefits, including rewards miles, travel services, trip accident assistance, and others. Customers choose from different categories, including floor care, tools, home décor, luggage and business accessories, sports and leisure, and others. Points can be redeemed toward live events, award winners, and experiences, including kayaking, spa, and others. There are specialty cards such as the BMO World Elite MasterCard that feature unlimited rewards, travel credit, VIP airport lounge access, and more.  Customers with a minimum household and individual income of $120,000 and $70,000, respectively, meet the criteria. Optional services are also offered, including trip accident assistance, battery boost, accommodation, and more. Other business credit cards include the BMO CashBack MasterCard for Business and the BMO Premium CashBack MasterCard.

BMO Credit Card

In addition to rewards points, the Bank of Montreal offers a selection of financial products with cashback, no annual fees, no interest charges, and others. Personal credit cards feature different loyalty programs, no annual fees, and free rewards. Customers are offered prepaid cards by MasterCard, featuring low annual fees and travel benefits. Other fees apply, however, including fees on cash-like transactions such as lottery tickets, wire transfers, race track wagers, money orders, off-track betting, travelers checks, casino chips, and foreign currency. The bank also offers popular credit cards such as the BMO Air Miles and World Elite MasterCard. Student cards feature generous discounts and points toward travel, gifts, merchandise, and theatre tickets. Individual customers can choose from an array of university, professional, and other cards. Specialty cards support charitable and other organizations, including the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Dental Hygienists Association.

With some affinity cards, the bank requires a minimum income of $100,000 for households and $60,000 for individual customers, but there are plenty of benefits, including 21 grace days and cash rebates. Another option is the BMO Canadian Red Cross MasterCard which goes with an interest rate of 19.9 percent, vehicle coverage, and free additional cards. Other types of affinity cards are the Support Our Troops MasterCard, MADD Canada, and the Calgary Zoo MasterCard. The Bank of Montreal offers credit cards that are specially designed for business customers. Clients are offered cards with low annual fees and points toward deals, travel specials, and weekend retreats. Customers choose from different MasterCard options with exclusive earn rates, roadside assistance, rebates, and more.

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Customers of TD Bank are offered a wide array of banking and borrowing solutions, investment products, treasury management, and more.  From LOCs, mortgages, and credit cards to certificates of deposit, IRAs, and money market accounts, there are standard and custom products for customers with different requirements and credit profiles.

Toronto-Dominion offers consumer cards with airmiles and rewards, cash rebates, and free additional cards. There are specialty cards that earn points on everyday purchases, Air Canada purchases, gas, and vacation packages.

Bank clients are offered rewards in different categories, including personal care, fitness, and accessories. TD offers plenty of rewards, from gift cards to kitchen appliances such as presses, stick mixers, popcorn makers, and food choppers. Participating retailers feature electronics such as TVs, readers and tablets, computers and computer accessories, cam recorders and cameras, and other products. Customers use their points toward brand name luggage and bags, backpacks, and travel accessories. Clients are offered a selection of small appliances, including travel hairdryers, vacuum cleaners, allergen eliminators, and others. There are also products for families with children, including learning resources and travel sets. In addition to flexible redemption options, customers benefit from annual fee waivers, no annual fees, and low APR based on credit rating. TD cards also feature premium TD Aeroplan Visa benefits such as access to signature events, complimentary wine tastings, and free nights at top destinations such as Las Vegas, New York, and Hollywood. Customers are offered convenient travel arrangements, including private jets and car rentals. Customers enjoy plenty of added benefits such as access to special and dining events, getaways, and culinary programs. Airmiles cards feature added perks such as expert insights and travel advice, discounts on business class airfare, and others. The choice of card depends on preferred features and credit limit, lifestyle, and credit profile.

Those who are new to Canada or have less-than-perfect credit are offered secured cards. TD Bank also features U.S. dollar cards with low annual fees, discounts on car rentals, purchases in U.S. dollars, and comprehensive coverage.

Businesses are offered specialty cards that offer the option to request employee cards. Business cards feature benefits such as no redemption fees, competitive rates, attractive rewards, and cash statement credit. Business customers are offered premium rewards such as car rentals, accommodation, and airfare. Points can be redeemed for flights and range from 25,000 to 250,000.

Personal and Business Products

TD Bank also offers international services, government banking, lines of credit, and other banking solutions designed for commercial and institutional clients.

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Choosing the Right Card

November 6, 2014

With a selection of business and personal banking tools, Capital One offers business, investment, and borrowing solutions. Banks offer consumer cards and balance transfer options to clients who wish to consolidate their balances. The choice of product depends on different factors, including loyalty and rewards programs offered, credit rating, online banking and other tools, grace […]

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Scotiabank Discounts and Rewards

October 21, 2014

Customers of Scotiabank enjoy a selection of products such as ESPs, RSPs, savings accounts, credit cards, and mortgage loans. Cards come in different versions, including Scotiabank student credit card , low interest, cashback, and others. Beneficial Features Scotiabank features cards by American Express and Visa and offers perks such as travel benefits, special promotions, extended […]

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Issuers Offer Prepaid Cards with Rewards, Shopping Incentives, and Low Fees

October 15, 2014

Cardholders pay different fees, including account history fees, additional card issuance fees, and others. The fees for retail transactions vary by issuer. Many issuers charge no bill payment fees, card to card transaction, signature, and PIN transaction fees. Some cards go with high transaction, monthly, and activation fees, one-time purchase, and cash withdrawal fees and […]

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Financial Institutions Offer Student Cards to Develop Good Financial Habits

October 5, 2014

Banks and unions advertise student cards with bonus points on entertainment and dining. With many issuers, cosigner is not required. Consumers use student cards to pay for meals, tickets, books, and textbooks. Choosing from Different Cards There are many benefits to using a student card, including access to cash at any time and up to […]

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How to Obtain a Personal Card

October 3, 2014

Canadian financial institutions offer different types of cards based on credit rating. When applying, customers fill in an application form to be reviewed while banks run a credit check. Canadian issuers request financial, employment, and personal information, including your credit score, authorized users, and types of accounts owned, i.e. savings, checking, high interest, money market, […]

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Banks Want to Keep Their Clients

September 29, 2014

Many financial institutions are willing to offer a lower interest rate to borrowers who offer collateral. Borrowers find their monthly payments more manageable, and it is easier for them to budget. Making payments on time helps rebuild credit. Another way to build or rebuild credit is to use a secured or prepaid credit card. Secured […]

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