American Express Credit Cards in Canada

by John_S on October 30, 2010

Owning an AMEX card is not only useful but actually works on your behalf in many ways.  American Express, most notably called AMEX, is considered one of the most prestigious cards you can get for personal and business purposes. Most important, AMEX does its best to meet the requirements of the individual customer, be it a salaried employee, businessman, merchant or retiree. The AMEX card offers you various financial products, with cards carrying rewards and gift points, together with various online services. 

Clients can use the AMEX card to finance home or car purchases, do home repairs, and carry out business expansion plans. Notably, their credit card is widely accepted and known as a global virtual card to conduct business and personal transactions with the caption “anywhere anytime “.

Types of American Express Cards Issued

Canadian business owners can choose from several types of business cards offered by American Express: the Business Platinum Card gives travel flexibility, allowing customers to book hotel rooms, airline seats, and car rentals. As a part of the special offer, clients get 25,000 welcome points which suffice to pay for a ticket on the territory of North America. The Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card comes with 10,000 bonus points which can be exchanged for three nights in a standard room. Clients earn 1 reward point for $1 in purchases. Over 940 resorts and hotels participate in the Starwood Preferred Guest Program. The Business Platinum Card of American Express gives customers access to over 600 airport lounges, with customers earning 1.25 reward points for every dollar spent with the card.

In the category of personal cards issued by American Express are: TrueEarnings Card, the Blue Sky Credit Card, the Holt Renfrew Credit Card, etc. TrueEarnings lets customers earn 1 percent cash back on all purchases made with the credit card, together with 2 percent on gas and 3 percent on restaurant purchases. The Blue Sky Credit Card offers a reward program with customers earning 1.25 bonus points for every dollar they spend. As a complimentary bonus, credit card holders get Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance with coverage of $100,000.

The Platinum Card and American Express Card are both charge cards. The first one goes with an annual fee of $399 and $175 for supplementary Platinum Cards ($50 for Gold Cards). Customers receive complimentary 10,000 bonus points and earn 1.25 reward points for every dollar in purchases. Clients who prefer the American Express Card pay an annual fee of $50 while finance charges amount to 30 percent per year. In addition, there is the American Express Gift card which is popular among customers.

American Express offers a variety of insurance packages such as AMEX Critical Illness Insurance, Incident Protection Plan, Term Life Insurance Plan, Air Trip Insurance, and Hospital and Recovery Cash Plan, among others.

With an easy access to online services, the customer can use all credit cards offered by American Express for a number of transactions:  payment of bills, purchases over the Internet and making travel arrangements. The online service of AMEX allows clients to update their contact details, view current balance, and obtain online-only statements. Last but not least, the company offers a 24-hour travel and emergency assistance service. Among the eligible cards are: American Express® Gold Card, American Express® Card, American Express®, and American Express® AeroplanPlus®.

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