Applicants with a High-risk Profile

by John_S on April 22, 2014

There are different types of financing, including installment and auto loans and cash advances. They are offered by different financial establishments, including banks, savings and loan associations, and others. Banks usually offer unsecured loans to borrowers with a good credit score because the risk of default is higher.

There are different types of unsecured loans, including used and new car loans , consumer, and construction loans. Banks and car dealerships offer auto financing to borrowers who plan to buy a vehicle. The repayment schedule, interest rate, and fees vary, and it pays to shop around. constructionStudent loans are also offered by banks, government agencies, and other entities. Students benefit from competitive interest rates and flexible repayment solutions while the funds can be used for college-related expenses such as books, textbooks, and tuition and board. A common feature of these loans is the fact that they are not secured against some valuable asset such as tools of trade, or anything else of value. Borrowers with a high income level, whether salary or wages or investment income, are usually offered attractive deals. Applicants with poor credit often resort to bad credit loans, payday lenders, and other options.

People are usually asked to present documents such as recent salary slips, photo ID or passport, account statements, and others. Other documents include tax statements, residence permits, and an application form. Self-employed individuals may have to present additional documents. Banks also offer unsecured business loans and require verification of business and non-business income, business leases, and other documents.

Online banks, finance companies, and payday lenders offer loans to borrowers with poor and fair credit. It takes weeks to get approved for a standard bank loan but payday lenders advertise instant approval. Both non-bank lenders and banks offer payday loans as an alternative to standard types of financing. Borrowers usually resort to construction loans to pay expenses such as urgent repairs. A secured loan is one alternative for borrowers who can pledge some valuable asset. Secured loans are usually used for large purchases and refurbishment projects. Another option is to ask your family for a small loan or to apply with a co-signer.


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