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by John_S on December 4, 2014

The Bank of Montreal features a selection of financial and tailored services, including small business investing, payroll services, credit cards, and loans. Credit cards are of several types, standard, affinity, and rewards cards with points toward charitable donations, theatre and events tickets, products, and more.

Loyalty Programs

BMO offers a selection of rewards credit cards with added benefits, including rewards miles, travel services, trip accident assistance, and others. Customers choose from different categories, including floor care, tools, home décor, luggage and business accessories, sports and leisure, and others. Points can be redeemed toward live events, award winners, and experiences, including kayaking, spa, and others. There are specialty cards such as the BMO World Elite MasterCard that feature unlimited rewards, travel credit, VIP airport lounge access, and more.  Customers with a minimum household and individual income of $120,000 and $70,000, respectively, meet the criteria. Optional services are also offered, including trip accident assistance, battery boost, accommodation, and more. Other business credit cards include the BMO CashBack MasterCard for Business and the BMO Premium CashBack MasterCard.

BMO Credit Card

In addition to rewards points, the Bank of Montreal offers a selection of financial products with cashback, no annual fees, no interest charges, and others. Personal credit cards feature different loyalty programs, no annual fees, and free rewards. Customers are offered prepaid cards by MasterCard, featuring low annual fees and travel benefits. Other fees apply, however, including fees on cash-like transactions such as lottery tickets, wire transfers, race track wagers, money orders, off-track betting, travelers checks, casino chips, and foreign currency. The bank also offers popular credit cards such as the BMO Air Miles and World Elite MasterCard. Student cards feature generous discounts and points toward travel, gifts, merchandise, and theatre tickets. Individual customers can choose from an array of university, professional, and other cards. Specialty cards support charitable and other organizations, including the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Dental Hygienists Association.

With some affinity cards, the bank requires a minimum income of $100,000 for households and $60,000 for individual customers, but there are plenty of benefits, including 21 grace days and cash rebates. Another option is the BMO Canadian Red Cross MasterCard which goes with an interest rate of 19.9 percent, vehicle coverage, and free additional cards. Other types of affinity cards are the Support Our Troops MasterCard, MADD Canada, and the Calgary Zoo MasterCard. The Bank of Montreal offers credit cards that are specially designed for business customers. Clients are offered cards with low annual fees and points toward deals, travel specials, and weekend retreats. Customers choose from different MasterCard options with exclusive earn rates, roadside assistance, rebates, and more.

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