Choosing the Right Card

by John_S on November 6, 2014

With a selection of business and personal banking tools, Capital One offers business, investment, and borrowing solutions. Banks offer consumer cards and balance transfer options to clients who wish to consolidate their balances.

The choice of product depends on different factors, including loyalty and rewards programs offered, credit rating, online banking and other tools, grace periods, and others. Applicants with stellar credit are offered premium cashback, travel, and low interest cards. Business cards offer discounts on entertainment and dining, business services, office supplies and staples, and more. Brand-name merchants and hotels offer discounts on qualifying purchases. With secured Capital one credit card customers make refundable deposits and benefit from low annual fees. The deposit actually serves as collateral because borrowers with poor credit often have a history of delinquent accounts and foreclosures, which makes them high risk borrowers. Borrowers with fair or tarnished credit benefit from a secured card if they use it responsibly. Borrowers who exceed the limit see their credit score plummet.

Options for Customers

Capital One offers a selection of credit card products, from rewards and student rewards to competitive rate and business cards. Customers choose from standard and popular cards with competitive rates and earn rewards toward tickets, merchandise, and even vehicle purchases. Points and miles are redeemable for music, games, electronics, and other items. The bank offers different specialty cards, including secured, competitive rate, and student cards. There are student cards with variable APR and long grace periods. Customers are also offered the PlayStation card that features points toward music and PlayStation games. Specialty cards feature travel perks such as discounts at resorts, preferred seating, and others. Cardholders are offered Visa perks such as upgrades at cruise lines and hotels and shopping discounts. Consumer credit cards are designed for small, daily purchases and bills, including discretionary, flexible, occasional, and regular expenses. Most credit cards help cover household expenses such as school lunches, meals out, property rent, child care, and others. Mortgage and consumer loans are offered to customers who plan to purchase equipment, tools of trade, land, etc. The bank features loans and refinancing options, including adjustable and fixed rate loans.

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