CIBC Cards with Premium Features, Rewards, and Holiday Deals

by John_S on September 12, 2014

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce features investment, borrowing, and banking products, including mortgage offers, student lines of credit, consumer loans, and credit cards. Customers can choose from business, everyday, standard, retail rewards, and other types of cards.

Everyday and Specialty Cards

There are plenty of everyday cards such as CIBC Visa, Classic Visa, and Platinum Visa that feature no or low annual fees, authorized spending limits, and other added benefits. Visa cards go with beneficial features such as signature shopping, roadside dispatch, rewards programs, and other privileges. Some cards by CIBC feature aeroplan and rewards points while others go with Petro points for generous fuel savings. They feature added and optional services such as credit monitoring for new bankruptcies, collection items, new trades, name and address changes, and more. Other tools that go with CIBC cards include management tools with personal spend categories, customized categories, custom budgets, and tracking. The bank also offers retail rewards and travel cards with premium privileges and benefits such as welcome bonuses of 25,000 aeroplan miles, extra miles for purchases at select retailers and grocery and gas purchases, preferential treatment, and other perks. Cardholders are offered access to exciting events, weekend getaways, escapes, discounted airfare, and other travel privileges. Holders also earn extra rewards points at participating inns, hotels, spas, and restaurants and there are no hidden costs or fees. With travel cards, customers choose from major destinations such as Washington, Chicago, London, Paris, and many others. CIBC partners with Air Canada which offers short and long haul flights to Lima, Buenos Aires, New Orleans, Las Vegas, and other destinations.

Points toward Merchandise

Customers are allowed to use their miles toward merchandise, including holiday and last minute deals, garden and home accessories and d├ęcor, and more. Customers who wish to minimize their carbon footprint can choose from a selection of green products such as bags, bamboo sets, organic towel sets, cutting boards, cookware sets, outdoor composters, and a lot more. There are other shopping categories, and customers are free to browse by brand and mileage level. Items such as bamboo kitchen sets and carbon offsets require less than 10,000 aeroplan miles while items such as electric bikes, laptops, and push mowers require 50,000 to 100,000+ points. Customers are offered a wide array of merchandise and activities such as travel accessories, travel gift cards, cruises, and more. Cardholders can choose from hotel gift cards, cruise certificates, discounts on travel packages, and a lot more, but certificates are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

Business Cards

In addition to travel and rewards cards, there is a choice of specialty business cards with no annual fees, high spending limits, aeroplan miles, and other benefits. The Aerogold Visa Card for Business, for instance, features travel privileges by Visa and Air Canada, aeroplan miles, priority boarding, guaranteed reservations, and gift cards. The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce also offers government supported programs, mortgages, franchise financing, and retail lending services.

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