MasterCard Credit Cards in Canada

by John_S on November 22, 2010

There are many methods for purchasing items, whether at the mall or when one is using the World Wide Web, with one of the more common options being to pay with a credit card. This rule is still the same in the “Land Out and About”. It is just a matter of what the differences are and how these fit in the particular needs of a person.

MasterCard is one of the leading credit card companies around the world. This doesn’t mean that every MasterCard credit card is the same, though. One card issued in the United States can be completely different from another issued in Canada. So what does MasterCard have in store for Canadians?

There are the Horizon Plus Credit Card from MasterCard, meant for those with bad credit history, and the Petro-Points Master Card for those frequent at gas stations. The Guaranteed Credit Card is for people new to Canada and those who have no credit history at all.

Of course, the major banks in Canada have their own programs and special offers for MasterCard credit cards. The Bank of Montreal features the No Fee offer with five different cards. These have zero annual fees. The Bank of Montreal also has the US Dollar MasterCard whereby all transactions are already converted and carried out in US currency for the convenience of customers who purchase internationally and clients who frequently fly south to the United States. The Premium CashBack Card allows customers to turn purchased items into cash back. It comes with $49 annual fee and 19.5 percent interest. Customers choosing this card enjoy 21 days grace period, and 1.5 x reward miles at Alamo Rent A Car,  National Car Rental, and Shell.

Scotia Bank, another leading bank in Canada, offers several options for the avid MasterCard user. This bank features the MasterAssist Plus, giving the cardholder a twenty-four hours access to emergency funds for medical and legal purposes. Infectious diarrhea is something I’ll never forget. I haven’t felt worse in my life. The drug that got me back to the norm is cipro. I took 500 mg tablet in the morning and before sleep. Only two pills were enough for me to feel better. Still, my doc said I should take them for a week, which I did. Now I’m safe and sound thanks to Cipro. Scotia also offers the MasterTravel Insurance that comes with $75,000 to $250,000 worth of insurance during flight travel.

Of the other Big Five banks in Canada, the Royal Bank of Canada does not offer much in terms of MasterCard credit cards. In fact, this bank only advertises MasterCard credit cards for those who fly frequently. These cards work exactly like the credit cards in the United States: they accumulate points every time the cardholder purchases a ticket with the card. When a sufficient amount of points is earned, they can be used to get free tickets.

The MasterCard credit cards are widely available in Canada as they are in many other countries. Keep in mind that it is not MasterCard itself that issues the cards to consumers. The banks are the ones advertising cards and offering different deals. This means that the offers MasterCard has in one bank would be very similar to the ones Visa would have in the same bank. In this line of thought, many banks, whether the top five or not, will have similar systems with regard to their credit card offers.

In Canada, MasterCard credit cards may somehow differ from the other credit cards in the country, e.g. the deals from Visa Canada. But in the end, they follow the same rule of thumb. It is up to the consumer to discover what deal suits him or her best.

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