How to Obtain a Personal Card

October 3, 2014

Canadian financial institutions offer different types of cards based on credit rating. When applying, customers fill in an application form to be reviewed while banks run a credit check. Canadian issuers request financial, employment, and personal information, including your credit score, authorized users, and types of accounts owned, i.e. savings, checking, high interest, money market, […]

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Banks Want to Keep Their Clients

September 29, 2014

Many financial institutions are willing to offer a lower interest rate to borrowers who offer collateral. Borrowers find their monthly payments more manageable, and it is easier for them to budget. Making payments on time helps rebuild credit. Another way to build or rebuild credit is to use a secured or prepaid credit card. Secured […]

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Applying for an Airmiles Credit Card

September 20, 2014

Credit unions, online companies, airlines, and big banks such as Scotiabank and the Bank of Montreal offer airmiles cards to customers. Travel cards are available to existing and new individual customers and businesses. How to Get a Card Air miles credit cards are reserved for high income earners and creditworthy applicants. Financial establishments require that […]

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CIBC Cards with Premium Features, Rewards, and Holiday Deals

September 12, 2014

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce features investment, borrowing, and banking products, including mortgage offers, student lines of credit, consumer loans, and credit cards. Customers can choose from business, everyday, standard, retail rewards, and other types of cards. Everyday and Specialty Cards There are plenty of everyday cards such as CIBC Visa, Classic Visa, and […]

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Package Deals and Exclusive Offers

August 11, 2014

Bank customers looking for rewards credit cards are offered plenty of choice, including unsecured rewards cards. Some issuers offer low introductory interest rates and annual fees while others feature freebies and discounts, including bonus points toward flights, access to entertainment, and more. In addition to complimentary bonus points and attractive redemption plans, rewards credit card […]

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Factors That Determine the Credit Limit

August 7, 2014

Customers with a history of delinquencies and excessive debt are often turned down. Financial institutions consider both negative and positive information. Applicants are asked whether they work part- or full-time or are self-employed. Borrowers with additional income sources, including rental income and money deposited in a savings account are offered better terms. The interest rate […]

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Additional Sources of Business Financing

July 19, 2014

Business loans are offered to start-ups, entrepreneurs, corporations, and new and small businesses. Borrowers can choose from different financial solutions such as commercial and business term loans, cash flow finance, business loans and lines of credit, and others. Long-term and Short-Term Loans Applicants for business funding can choose from disaster and real estate loans, micro-loans, […]

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Investment Strategies and Other Factors

May 1, 2014

There are different types of funds to consider as alternatives to traditional investment instruments. Some funds focus on long-term capital growth while others offer benefits such as a balanced mix of liquid and illiquid investment instruments. Hedge funds also offer benefits such as comparatively lower leverage and higher liquidity, but there are risks and disadvantages […]

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How to Build or Rebuild Credit

April 27, 2014

There is a wide array of credit cards available, depending on factors such as employment, level of indebtedness, and others. Clients can choose from rewards, airmiles, no annual fee, student, and other types of cards. Customers with very good credit who are frequent shoppers or travelers can choose from a selection of credit cards. There […]

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Applicants with a High-risk Profile

April 22, 2014

There are different types of financing, including installment and auto loans and cash advances. They are offered by different financial establishments, including banks, savings and loan associations, and others. Banks usually offer unsecured loans to borrowers with a good credit score because the risk of default is higher. There are different types of unsecured loans, including […]

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