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by John_S on November 23, 2011

TD Canada Trust offers a wide selection of financial products and services to clients who look for insurance and investment products, mortgages, day-to-day banking services, electronic banking, and credit cards. TD Bank features a variety of credit cards, including small business cards, student cards, reward and travel cards, and others.

TD Bank Secured Credit Cards

TD Bank offers secured credit cards to persons who seek to rebuild credit or are new to Canada and have no credit history. The limit on the credit card is determined by the deposit made to it. The deposit is held up to 3 years, and this period depends on the type of card the cardholder has. A secured credit card is a good choice for clients of TD Bank who want to take care of emergency purchases, hotel bookings, and car rentals. Any of the Toronto-Dominion Bank credit cards can be a secured credit card depending on whether the cardholder prefers to earn reward points or take advantage of another program of choice.

TD Bank Student Credit Cards

TD Canada Trust offers student credit cards that are a good fit for the requirements and needs of university and college students. One credit card offered to the student population is the TD Green Visa Card, going with a 21.5 percent interest rate on cash advances and 19.99 percent on purchases. There is no annual fee, and the card is offered with a variety of valuable included benefits. Among them are Budget Rent A Car and AVIS discounts, common carrier travel accident insurance, and others. TD Bank also offers optional services, including balance protection, travel medical insurance, and no fee balance transfers and Visa checks, among others. Another of the TD Canada Trust credit cards suited for students is the TD Classic Travel Visa Card. Customers who choose this card earn 2,000 bonus points in the form of a welcome bonus upon approval. Every $1 spent in purchases earns two TD points. Bonus points can be redeemed for vacation packages, cruises, train travel, car rentals, hotel bookings, air travel, and more. Cardholders are not limited to reward seats only. There are no advance booking requirements, blackout periods, or seat restrictions, and this applies to seat sales as well. Beneficial features that go with this card include free-of-charge authorized user cards, Verified by Visa, personal banking services, no fee balance transfers, and a lot more.

TD Bank US Dollar Credit Cards

Clients of TD Bank who travel frequently to the US and want to make purchases in US dollars may opt for the TD US Dollar Visa Card. An interest rate of 19.99 percent applies to purchases, and the interest rate on cash advances is slightly higher – 21.5 percent. The annual fee is $39 USD.  This credit card is an ideal choice for persons who want to know how much they spend as they do not have to worry about conversion rates. Among the included benefits featured with this card are delayed and lost baggage insurance, with a coverage in the amount of up to $1,500, and common carrier travel accident insurance. Emergency travel assistance services are also offered, helping cardholders with personal emergencies when travelling. Trip interruption insurance is available as well. Authorized user cards are offered free-of-charge.

TD Bank Low Interest Credit Cards

To clients who prefer to use a credit card with a low interest rate, Toronto-Dominion Bank offers the TD Emerald Visa Card. The interest rate is equal to the TD Prime rate plus 1.75 percent, and it goes up to the Prime rate plus 9.75 percent. The annual fee is $25, and there are many beneficial features, going with this card.  These include TD Auto Club, balance protection, as well as travel medical insurance. Authorized user cards are offered at no added cost.

TD Bank No Annual Fee Credit Cards

Clients of Toronto-Dominion who look for TD Bank credit cards with no fee can check the TD Gold Select Visa Card. This card is featured with a 21.5 percent interest rate on cash advances, and the interest rate on purchases is set at 19.99 percent. The annual fee is zero, and the card is offered with a variety of included and optional features. Included benefits are no fee traveler’s checks, extended warranty, and rental discounts from Budget Rent A Car and Avis. Optional services are free supplementary cards and travel medical insurance for persons who travel 2 or more times per year for pleasure or business. Trip interruption and trip cancelation coverage benefits are included in the Annual Plan. Cardholders also enjoy personal banking services, among which 24/7 instant cash access and account access, every branch banking, and check cashing privileges, with all branches of Toronto-Dominion Bank cashing almost any check drawn on a bank in Canada, which is payable to the cardholder. Verified by Visa and The Power of Visa are also offered. TD Standard and Deluxe Club is another beneficial feature. The Deluxe Plan offers services such as emergency accommodation and meals, emergency transportation car rental, traffic accident towing, and hazardous weather services, among others. The Standard Plan includes roadside assistance, lock-out assistance, fuel delivery and flat tire changes, and more.

TD Bank Reward Credit Cards

Toronto-Dominion Bank offers a variety of reward credit cards to clients who prefer to earn reward points Among the TD Canada Trust credit cards with reward incentives are the TD Platinum Travel Visa Card and TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card. The TD Platinum Travel Visa Card allows clients to earn TD points and redeem them for vacation packages, hotels, flights, cruises, train travel, and even airport parking. Upon approval, all cardholders are entitled to a welcome bonus of 20,000 reward points. Every dollar charged to the card earns three points, and cardholders receive nine bonus points for every dollar spent on travel purchases. Clients earn 9 TD points if they choose to book travel over the Internet through Expedia for TD, which is the Preferred Travel Provider of Toronto Dominion. Clients who make annual purchases in the amount of $30,000 earn 90,000 bonus points. Exclusive dining, concierge, and hotel privileges are also offered, including complimentary concierge services, boutique and luxury hotel privileges, as well as dining privileges. This card goes with a number of included benefits, such as trip interruption insurance, priority pass membership discount, and delayed and lost baggage insurance. Emergency travel services are also offered, and cardholders can be provided with lost luggage assistance, emergency transportation, and consultation and medical referrals. Transportation to another hospital or medical facility is also provided, as well as bail bond assistance and legal referrals. Another of the Toronto-Dominion Bank credit cards is the TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card, earning 3 bonus points for every $1 in purchases. The welcome bonus is in the amount of 20,000 reward points. Cardholders can request additional authorized user cards and earn points on them as well. Supplementary authorized user cards cost $50 a year. The card is offered with travel medical insurance, trip cancelation insurance, CardAssist Card Registry Service, and more. Guaranteed hotel reservations are an added benefit, giving cardholders peace of mind, should they arrive late. The card goes with a 19.99 percent interest rate, and the annual fee is $120.

TD Bank Cashback Credit Cards

The TD Gold Elite Visa is one cashback credit card offered by Toronto-Dominion. The card earns a 1 percent cash rebate, and there is no limit on the cash to be earned. The credit card earns cash back every time a cardholder is using it to pay bills, travel, get entertained, and do shopping. There are a number of benefits going with the card, among which emergency travel assistance services, trip interruption insurance, no-fee traveler’s cheques from American Express, and more. There are optional services as well. These include Power of Visa, chip enabled technology, and travel medical insurance, among others. A couple of months ago, my mom told me about She is a frequent customer there, and so am I now. I recommend it to all my friends because it’s hard to find a better quality of drugs at such low prices. The customer support service deserves a WOW! They are very attentive, patient, and helpful. Try ordering there, you won’t regret it.

TD Bank Auto and Gas Credit Cards

The TD Driver’s Reward Visa is one of the Toronto Dominion credit cards offered with TD Driver’s Rewards Points. The card earns 2 percent bonus points on purchases made on the card. Every dollar cardholders spend on gas purchases earns 2 points up to $700 and 1 point per $1 over this amount. Points can be redeemed toward the lease or purchase of new or used vehicles, and service and automotive parts’ purchases. These include spark plugs, tires, windshield wipers, car mats and seat covers, car radio, GPS system, and more. Automotive services and parts should be bought from eligible merchants, and cardholders should allow enough time for the automotive services and parts to be posted to the account. Regarding redemptions toward vehicles, it is important to have the vehicle’s date of lease or purchase, VIN number, vehicle model and make, as well as the dealership name. To have the dollar value of bonus points credited, cardholders should specify the number of points they want to redeem. The points are credited to one’s account in 2 to 3 working days. The TD Driver’s Reward Visa is featured with a variety of benefits, among which message service, emergency card replacement, guaranteed hotel reservations, and more. Optional balance protection and travel medical insurance are available.

TD Bank Business Credit Cards

To its business customers, Toronto Dominion bank offers three business credit cards. The TD Business Travel Visa Card goes with a 19.99 percent interest rate on purchases, minimum credit limit of $1,000, and annual fee of $149. Supplementary cards are offered and also cost $149 a year. The interest rate on cash advances is 20.5 percent. Every dollar charged to the card earns 3 bonus points, and these can be redeemed for hotel stays, flights, car rentals, train tickets, taxes, and airport parking. There are no blackout periods, seat restrictions, and advance booking requirements. Beneficial features include monthly management reports divided into categories, such as food and beverage, travel and airfare, auto rental, payments and credits, and more. Business banking services include preauthorized payment service, EasyWeb Internet banking, check cashing privileges, and others. Another of the TD credit cards for business is the TD Business Visa Card, offered with an annual interest rate of 21.5 on cash advances and 19.99 on purchases, annual fee of $50 per card, and minimum credit limit of $1,000. The card is featured with travel and protection benefits, including optional Business Auto Club, guaranteed hotel reservations, no fee traveler’s checks from American Express, and more. Business banking services include 24/7 account access to account information and accounts, every branch banking, and preauthorized payment service offering convenient and easy automatic payments, made from any account at any bank in Canada. The TD Venture Line of Credit Visa Card is another of the TD Canada Trust credit cards intended for small business owners. The card goes with variable rate, which is based on the TD Prime rate, no annual fee, and $1,000 minimum credit limit. The maximum credit limit on this card is $50,000. No annual review or business plan is required for yearly renewal if the account is in good standing. Note that the interest-free period is zero days. It is easy to apply because applications are reviewed mainly based on personal creditworthiness. There are no setup, monthly, or annual fees. Cardholders are in control of how often, how much, and for what they can use the credit card. Plenty of beneficial features go with this card, among which Powered by Visa, Visa payWave, chip enabled technology, as well as and supplementary cards. Up to three cards can be requested.

Note that features, annual fees, and interest rates are subject to change. In addition, coverages, features, and benefits are subject to changes, exclusions, conditions, cancellation, and limitation. Some of the coverages and benefits that go with credit cards may be available to the primary cardholder only.

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